Restart Life

Restart Life is NVA’s unique programme of counselling and life skills workshops for homicide victims’ families. It brings together groups of homicide victims' relatives from all over the UK for respite, reflection, counselling and therapeutic activities in neutral and safe locations.

The programme is managed by experienced homicide counsellors and provides families of homicide victims with the practical and emotional tools to address the devastating effects of their trauma, restore their self-worth, re-integrate them into their local communities, transform their employment prospects and reduce their dependence upon prescribed medication.

The Restart Life programme takes bereaved families to a variety of locations including Holy Island (left) and includes open-air group counselling sessions with bereaved children, led by the NVA’s resident qualified Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Counsellors.

The Restart Life programme was developed exclusively by the National Victims’ Association and is not available from any other organisation.

If you feel you could benefit from the Restart Life programme, please contact us on 01642 984751 for details.